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Embedded Design Services

Get your project done on time and on budget, and with a minimum of stress. nFocal is your embedded design partner. We have helped many of the best technology companies in the world.

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On Time

Achieve your project milestones by partnering with a team that has reliably  delivered from the same trenches. Talk with us to understand how to set up your project to achieve its targets.

On Budget

Keep your project on budget by properly scoping the work and the dependencies. In the long run, proper scoping requires a shorter engagement and saves you time, money, and stress.

Under Control

Managing and controlling your projects is an attainable goal. Effective project control
is possible. Partner with us and use our successful experience coordinating large global teams.

How We Can Help

nFocal is an embedded design services company that focuses on system development for highly-complex products with embedded processing units. We work with your development team to bring these products to market. Think industrial automation, imaging systems, controls, IoT and communications, real-time operating systems, embedded Linux. That is where our clients work, and that is what we do. Your privacy and your security are paramount. We work behind the scenes to help your team finish their projects and provide training and technology transfer along the way. Book your complimentary consultation to find out how we can help you finish your project on time, on budget, and under control.

Embedded Design Services

Explore What We Do Best

Our engineers focus on the areas that are most impactful for complex projects.

Embedded Systems

In today’s complex design space, devices are built upon combinations of 8-bit microcontrollers, FPGA’s, DSP’s, GPU’s, C/C++ code, mobile apps, and enterprise backends. You need a partner who is well-versed with these complex designs.

IoT & Communications

We live in a highly-connected world. The Internet of Things, or IoT, ties the world together with sophisticated communication protocols and multi-faceted use cases. Your connected product must interoperate here. Efficiently. Safely. And securely.

Systems Engineering

With increasingly short time-to-launch windows, market forces can be quite unforgiving when you build the wrong product. Drawing upon our extensive experience with requirements and systems engineering, nFocal can guide your development program in the right direction.

System Architecture

The reliability of complex systems are often determined very early in the development process. Is the architecture appropriate? Does it cover the system requirements? How will the device be tested? Maintained? Updated? Your team can rely upon nFocal’s extensive experience here to avoid costly pitfalls.

Latest News

Adapting to challenges of telecommuting on projects

When taking on the challenge of telecommuting on projects, there are three areas that are most affected.  Being able to communicate effectively becomes much more challenging often relying on software.  Access to physical resources can deeply hinder the progress of projects especially when it comes to proprietary technology required to

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Fix the Foundation

Let’s start with an analogy. Think of the many vintage barns around a typical Northeast state. The construction of the barns that last began with a good foundation. These foundations were made of stones and the cement of the day. On top of this great foundation was built a big

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Why Leadership Matters

We were reminded recently about a post that Daniel Goleman wrote in LinkedIn several years ago entitled Leaders are made, not born. For those of you that are not familiar with Daniel Goleman, he is the author of Emotional Intelligence, one of the most influential books in psychology in the last 50

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Our Newly-Redesigned Web Site Goes Live

nFocal Inc today announced their newly-redesigned web site has gone live. The new web site reflects nFocal’s more focused business offerings, and features improved navigation, integration with nFocal news content, and the addition of an email contact form. The result is a web site that allows readers to quickly find relevant

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What is Systems Engineering?

Systems Engineering has its own world-wide professional society named the International Council on Systems Engineering. This society is better known as INCOSE.

According to INCOSE, Systems Engineering focuses on:

  • establishing, balancing and integrating stakeholders’ goals, purpose and success criteria, and defining actual or anticipated customer needs, operational concept and required functionality, starting early in the development cycle;
  • establishing an appropriate lifecycle model, process approach and governance structures, considering the levels of complexity, uncertainty, change, and variety;
  • generating and evaluating alternative solution concepts and architectures;
  • baselining and modeling requirements and selected solution architecture for each phase of the endeavor;
  • performing design synthesis and system verification and validation;
  • while considering both the problem and solution domains, taking into account necessary enabling systems and services, identifying the role that the parts and the relationships between the parts play with respect to the overall behavior and performance of the system, and determining how to balance all of these factors to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

Client TestimonY

It’s amazing fast the nFocal team developed this product. From my previous experience, this development effort would have taken years.

Engineering Manager

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