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About Us

Our Company

nFocal Inc. is a design services company headquartered in Rochester, New York. nFocal concentrates on system development for highly-complex products with embedded processing units. We work with your development team to bring these products to market. Think industrial automation, imaging systems, controls, IoT and communications, real-time operating systems, embedded Linux. That is where our clients work, and that is what we do.  Our focus is embedded systems, and the devices, apps, and enterprise backends that they communicate with. Our workflows involve systems engineering, project management, software/hardware/FPGA development, and testing fixtures and infrastructure. We’ve worked in a variety of industries, including telecommunications, Internet of Things, imaging, medical devices, and public safety. Why are we different? That is simple – our clients’ projects do not fail. We drive each project to deliver on time, on budget, and under control. For 19 years, nFocal has been successfully completing projects in this manner.

Our Mission & Vision

The mission of nFocal is to become the world’s preeminent design services company. We have the opportunity, and the obligation, to help shape the destiny of our clients’ projects, and thereby the destiny of their companies. With each client engagement, we must drive that project towards a successful outcome. Why do we do this? The answer is simple – we hate failure and everything failure leads to. Instead our focus is always to drive towards success. These pathways may be difficult, but it can be surprisingly easy to find a way when we keep in mind our baseline principles.

  • Relentlessly interrogate reality
  • Provide leadership
  • Do what you say
  • Focus on achievements
  • Never give up

Following these principles will lead to the best possible service for our clients, personal success for our staff, and corporate success for nFocal due to a growing and satisfied client base.

On Time

Achieve your project milestones by partnering with a team that has reliably  delivered from the same trenches. Talk with us to understand how to set up your project to achieve its targets.

On Budget

Keep your project on budget by properly scoping the work and the dependencies. In the long run, proper scoping requires a shorter engagement and saves you time, money, and stress.

Under Control

Managing and controlling your projects is an attainable goal. Effective project control
is possible. Partner with us and use our successful experience coordinating large global teams.

Our Culture

At all times, each employee must be an exemplary steward of the following tenets while supporting the nFocal mission. In addition, we agree to use IEEE Code of Ethics, as shown here, as the basis for our standard of conduct both individually and as an organization. (We would like to thank the IEEE for their gracious permission to link to their Code of Ethics).


Unrelenting leadership and guidance is the cornerstone for all our endeavors.


We must always demonstrate ownership, accountability, and responsibility, and must always avoid blame, excuses, and denial.


Each participant in every conversation employs active listening skills.


Exceptional verbal and written skills are necessary in all our communications.


Our commitments are always met.


Expectations regarding planned achievements are communicated in a concise manner, including the desired outcomes, realistic time frames to achieve the outcomes, and frequent status messages to demonstrate progress.


Our client engagements are always structured as win-win scenarios.


To actively engage with our stakeholders, we must understand their problem domains, challenge their preconceptions, and solve their real issues.


Our duty is to investigate all areas of opportunity where we may help our clients.


All employees share an understanding of the company business goals and finances, and how they apply to corporate operations.


We maintain a lean organization to enhance competitive advantages and provide cost-effective solutions.


Any issues that may affect personal, project, or corporate performance are identified early and addressed.


Learning is a core personal and corporate focus.


Skills are continually honed to prepare employees to step into other roles and projects.


We never give up.
A group of employees dressed in business casual
"They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
Andy Warhol

Our Leadership

Steve Kapp​

Steve Kapp​

Steve Kapp is the founder of nFocal and the Chief Innovation Officer. His experience ranges over thirty years of software and systems development. Much of that experience has been with IoT, imaging systems, and networking. Before founding nFocal, Mr. Kapp was the CTO for EMRT Consultants where he fulfilled a variety of roles, including project manager and member of the Board of Directors. Prior to EMRT, Mr. Kapp was a Practice Lead in the Multimedia and Imaging group at Questra Consulting and a Principal Engineer with Picker International (now Philips Medical Systems).

Mr. Kapp’s main focus is development of complex systems and bringing those systems to market. He has been a frequent speaker at various industry forums. Mr. Kapp holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics from Case Western Reserve University.