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IoT & Communications

We live in a highly-connected world. The Internet of Things, or IoT, ties the world together with sophisticated communication protocols and multi-faceted use cases. Your connected product must interoperate here. Efficiently. Safely. And securely.

Application Integration

The “Internet of People” and the Internet of Things are converging. Devices are no longer expected to perform only their primary tasks – they must now work within the context of a larger software application. nFocal has the networking and connectivity expertise to connect your device to people, systems, software, and other devices.

Remote Service Design

Connected devices open the door for remote servicing programs. Remote servicing avoids travel costs and allows a service engineer to have access to the full range of tools, software, and support personnel at the corporate office.  We have worked on dozens of remote servicing projects and understand the typical use cases that must be satisfied for a remote servicing program to be effective. Use our experience with multiple IoT toolkits to  enhance your remote servicing initiatives.

IoT Security

Everybody wants security. Stated another way, nobody wants to deal with the aftermath of a security breach. Few people understand how to design and develop security components into your product from the ground up. Security development requires processing power, resources, and sometimes has a bill-of-materials impact. We have been generating secure system designs for over a decade and can help you avoid the common pitfalls with security design and development.

Embedded Systems

In today’s complex design space, devices are built upon combinations of 8-bit microcontrollers, FPGA’s, DSP’s, GPU’s, C/C++ code, mobile apps, and enterprise backends. You need a partner who is well-versed with these complex designs.

Systems Engineering

With increasingly short time-to-launch windows, market forces can be quite unforgiving when you build the wrong product. Drawing upon our extensive experience with requirements and systems engineering, nFocal can guide your development program in the right direction.

System Architecture

The reliability of complex systems are often determined very early in the development process. Is the architecture appropriate? Does it cover the system requirements? How will the device be tested? Maintained? Updated? Your team can rely upon nFocal’s extensive experience here to avoid costly pitfalls.

Client TestimonY

Over the past 6 years, my team has been working with nFocal on many different projects. We rely on their professionalism to work independently or part of a larger team. From small projects to large they deliver consistently with high quality

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