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We’ve gathered some interesting tidbits below, both news and other thoughts as well.

Some of these other thoughts have arisen from our journeys through complex systems development, and are part and parcel of leading a project down the road towards success. Please let us know if something that we’ve written resonates with you.

Fix the Foundation

Let’s start with an analogy. Think of the many vintage barns around a typical Northeast state. The construction of the barns that last began with

Form vs Function

Many times, we have been tasked with creating a design document or functional demo that will be used to pitch a proof-of-concept for a project.

Why Leadership Matters

We were reminded recently about a post that Daniel Goleman wrote in LinkedIn several years ago entitled Leaders are made, not born. For those of you

Our Newly-Redesigned Web Site Goes Live

nFocal Inc today announced their newly-redesigned web site has gone live. The new web site reflects nFocal’s more focused business offerings, and features improved navigation,

Why Employ Use Cases?

As consultants, we live and die by requirements, use cases, and user stories. The logic for their use is as follows: We perform professional services

Client TestimonY

Over the past 6 years, my team has been working with nFocal on many different projects. We rely on their professionalism to work independently or part of a larger team. From small projects to large they deliver consistently with high quality

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