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Master the Art of Systems Engineering: A 4-Day Intensive Training Program

Unlock your potential in systems engineering with our meticulously crafted four-day training program. Designed for professionals eager to elevate their skill set, this course delves into the intricacies of system development, requirement handling, and system architecture using cutting-edge methodologies and practical exercises.

Day 1: Process Overview and Requirements Mastery

  • Get Acquainted with System Development Processes: Start with a comprehensive overview of the general development process including an introduction to the IEEE 15288 standard.
  • Deep Dive into SysML and Requirements Handling: Learn to articulate complex system requirements through SysML diagrams, and grasp textual requirements as guided by IEEE and INCOSE standards. Explore the nuances of verification, validation, and requirements diagrams.
  • Crafting Effective Use Cases and Scenarios: Engage with use case diagrams and develop use cases that capture the essence of system interactions.
  • Ensuring Excellence through Traceability: Understand the importance of requirements attributes and the art of maintaining traceability across the project lifecycle.

Day 2: Hands-On Requirements and Use Case Challenges

  • Refine Your Skills with Intensive Exercises: Review Day 1 concepts and tackle working problems focused on real-world applications, including creating and analyzing requirements diagrams, attributes, and ensuring traceability.
  • Practical Use Case Application: Put theory into practice with exercises on drafting use case examples and diagrams, including handling alternate and error scenarios.
  • Requirements Prioritization: Learn the basis of prioritization to ensure a successful project execution.

Day 3: Architecting Robust Systems

  • System Architecture In-Depth: Learn system decomposition through exploring components, activities, interfaces, and both static and active modeling using UML and SysML tools like blocks, classes / objects, package,  use cases, activities, sequence, and state machine diagrams.

Day 4: Hands-On Architecture Exercises

  • Put your New Knowledge to Use: Review Day 3 concepts and tackle working problems focused on real-world applications
    • Static modeling exercises: block / internal block / class / package diagrams
    • Active modeling exercises: activity / sequence / state machine diagrams
    • Requirements modeling exercises: requirement / use case diagrams
    • Parametric modeling exercises: parametric diagrams
  • Design patterns: Learn how design patterns simplify system design and avoid “re-inventing the wheel” for commonly encountered challenges
  • Mapping of system engineering processes to product development lifecycles: revisit the product development lifecycles and understand where your newly-found skills can be put to use.

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