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Common Thread

Our clients have ranged across a variety of industries. The common thread amongst these industries: building a technologically-sophisticated solutions. And getting those solutions to market in a timely fashion.


Medical Devices

Industrial Electronics

Telecom and Networking


Consumer Electronics

Deep Experience

Why Choose Us

You have a complex project to define, design and implement.  We have decades of experience bringing exactly those types of projects to completion. 

How do we do this?
By moving forward every single day.

On Time

How many times have your projects run late? Half the time? More than half? Find out how we keep projects on track.

On Budget

How many times have your project budgets blow up? Find out how we complete projects within your budget.

Under Control

Do you view project control as an unattainable goal? It is not. Find out how we drive projects towards success.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Is your project late? Out of control?
Stuck at the starting gate?

We may be able to help.

Take that first step to getting your project back on track.